By Zach Hester

The essence of Lizzo’s third studio album (and major label debut) is a lyric that actually belongs to another artist. The lyric is “what’s wrong with being confident?”, from Demi Lovato’s song “Confident.”

I didn’t have the intentions of listening to this album, but after two friends gave me positive recommendations, I had to take some time to hear it.

Like I stated earlier, the record exudes confidence and inspires others to embrace themselves through bombastic and fun tracks like lead single, “Juice”, “Like A Girl” and “Heaven Help Me.”

She shows off her powerful, underrated vocals in the title track, “Cuz I Love You.” Her diction, not just on this song, but most of the songs is pointed, splatted and great. Each word is expressed with high energy, even on the quieter tracks.

I love a big majority of these songs, but my favorite has to be the ballad, “Jerome.” A collaboration with Sam Harris of the X Ambassadors, “Jerome” exposes the relationship that’s being sung about as just a friends-with-benefits sort of situation.

While Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, has made it very clear via her social media posts that she doesn’t love the music critique world, as a person who critiques music, I still love this record. It’s a great addition to her growing discography and it makes me happy to see such a strong, confident person living her best life. I’m ready for what she comes out with next.

Rating: ★★★½

Best Songs: Jerome, Like A Girl, Crybaby, Exactly How I Feel