By Zach Hester

No matter what you think of her, Billie Eilish will illicit a reaction. Whether you think her music is truly profound or something just short of heretic, you’ll have a strong opinion. I happen to be in a happy, middle place where this anti-pop pop star is dragging me slowly into the profound side as she releases a stellar debut album.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is the first full-length record from Eilish. Fans have waited a long time for this day to arrive and based on first reactions, the wait was worth it.

As I stated earlier, Eilish is the anti-pop pop star. The album WWAFAWDWG, which is what I’ll have to refer to it as since the title is too long to type 100 more times, is a nice mix of quiet ballads like “listen before I go” and “when the party’s over” and bass rattling bangers like January’s single “bury a friend”, which I still have on repeat even two months later.

Synths and calculated beats take center stage for the majority of the record with songs like “bad guy”, “you should see me in a crown” and “wish you were gay” making me genuinely fearful that if I jam out too much, that my car speakers will burst.

The majority of the songs showcase an impatience and inexperience in love, but show the capability of growth in the relationship that’s being sung about.

The standout in all of Eilish’s music though, is her unique voice. It’s a soft, haunting tone that is noticeable to even someone who’s barely heard of her. It’s this uniqueness that may just push her over the edge into what I like to call the “arena band” crowd.

This record is essential Billie Eilish. It’s got a vast range of styles and techniques that make it so uniquely her that you’d never mistake it for anyone else’s music. I’ve been referring to WWAFAWDWG as the “horror movie” version of music. That’s what it is. And I can’t wait for more of it.

  • Best Songs: bad guy, bury a friend, wish you were gay
  • Rating: ★★★★½