By Zach Hester

Norwegian-born rising star Sigrid might be the most interesting voice in pop music. You just haven’t heard of her yet.

In her debut album Sucker Punch, we get to see the power of her voice set against a number of different electronic pop styles. The record follows the story of a relationship’s ups and downs and features plenty of palatable sounds that you will be singing along to no matter what your music preference is.

I didn’t love the title track, but the second song on the record, “Mine Right Now”, is my favorite on the album. It’s instantly catchy and includes a big production backing.

She features raw sounds in “Basic” and “In Vain”, where it sounds like she used nothing more than a voice recording on an iPhone to lay in her vocals. It’s this rawness that makes the words she’s singing even more meaningful to listeners.

The penultimate track “Never Mine” is just a great song to sing along to. It’s a groove that you can slide into at a concert. Sigrid herself called it “the last song at a school dance” and I have to agree. It’s these 1980s influences that make it feel like this album’s tracks belong on the soundtrack to a movie from that era.

Sigrid is one of those artists living and thriving on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Although she hasn’t quite hit it big on radio waves, this album and her electric sound could put her in the pack. When Sucker Punch is good, it’s great, and it’s definitely worth more than one listen.

Best Songs: Mine Right Now, In Vain, Don’t Feel Like Crying

Rating: ★★★½