By Zach Hester

It’s been quite some time, six years to be exact, since we last heard a new record from Irish rocker Hozier. His second full-length album, Wasteland, Baby!, comes off on the heels of his 2013 success, “Take Me To Church”, a song that made him a big name in music. Unfortunately, this new record falls more than short of the spectacle that his most famous single is.

While lead singer “Nina Cried Power” is a powerful anthem on musical icons from the past and even a bit political, the majority of the record falls into the ‘forgettable’ category.

The record is 14 songs, which is a fine amount, but due to the length and lack of diversity in the songs, it feels like this album goes on FOREVER. The dark tones in songs like “Movement” and “Shrike” stand out the most to me, but “Nobody” has a 90s beach rock vibe that can’t be overlooked.

Despite a lackluster second effort, Hozier’s voice has never sounded better. I just wish the content he was singing was as compelling as his stellar vocals. Only time will tell if he can return to the fame that he gained during 2013 when he asked us all to take him to church.

Best Songs: Nina Cried Power, Shrike

Rating: ★★