By Zach Hester

Who knew we would get two Weezer albums this year? The “Teal Album” full of outstanding covers came in January, but the long-awaited “Black Album”, the 13th in this band’s discography, is finally here with us.

I’ll admit that it’s been a hot minute since I listened to Weezer at all, much less a full album, but this latest effort feels like nothing but a plea to be on modern alternative radio. Listeners were promised a “dark and experimental” record. This ain’t it.

The majority of the album is just super cringy. It’s riddled with laughable lyrics, particularly in songs like “Zombie Bastards” and “Living In L.A.” that make you wonder whether you’re listening to Weezer or a bad impersonation of Weird Al Yankovic. However, what the record lacks in great lyrical content, it more than makes up for with interesting production elements.

The best song by a thousand miles is “High As A Kite.” It seems like something that I might actually return to in the future.

While Weezer has had a long and successful career, the more recent entries into the extensive discography have just fallen short with the exception of a few songs. I kind of feel like I’m one of the bystanding characters in this skit from Saturday Night Live

Hopefully the next self-titled record (this is the band’s sixth) will include a list of bangers like High As A Kite instead of this…California-inspired general mess full of songs that are too long and don’t fit together in any way. I do like Weezer, but this just feels like a desperate attempt to come back into relevance outside of their AMAZING cover album. Go listen to that instead.

Best Songs: High As A Kite

Rating: ½