By Zach Hester

After a pretty impressive showing in January, the music world showed up again in February. 

Without further ado, let’s break into this week’s #RANKED, which happens to be the Best Songs of February 2019. Doing these helps me remember at the end of the year what I loved in the early months of the year. Let’s get started! 

Are You Bored Yet? by Wallows ft. Clairo

This low-key 80s-inspired lead single is the first song that we got from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Nothing Happens. It has a really neat vibe and a great karaoke-inspired music video to go alongside it. 

NASA, Ariana Grande

It’s hard to choose just one song from thank u, next since it’s just filled with hit after hit. “NASA” stands out as the most catchy non-single on the record for me. One might say that the song is “out of this world”…I’ll see myself out. 

100 Bad Days, AJR

I often get told that I really only like AJR because the lead single does his best to sound like Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots. Of course, that is a good thing in my book, but “100 Bad Days” couldn’t be further from a TOP song. It’s so catchy and just like the majority of AJR’s discography, it’s delightful. 

1 Sided Love, Blackbear

After coming onto my radar in 2017, Blackbear has been a solid hitmaker in my book. As he heads into another successful album cycle, hits like “1 Sided Love” will become more common in my daily mix. Check it out immediately. 

Old Me, Betty Who

Each song on Betty Who’s provides a different listening experience. First track “Old Me” is just pure fun about feeling like yourself again after a long time of feeling bad. It’s a great pick me up for anyone feeling down.