By Zach Hester

I came across this artist, listened to this whole album and wrote this piece all in one day. All within the span of a few hours, really. It’s not often that I find a band that I love enough to put on for the rest of the day, but I knew that when I started Ever Since I Lost My Mind, the third studio album from the Charleston-native Susto, I would be hooked.

The record feels equal parts rock, singer-songwriter and R&B. It has a 90s or Judah & the Lion-esque vibe and almost all of the songs speak on personal growth on some level.

One of my favorite tracks, “Last Century”, reminds me so much of a song that I would’ve heard as a rode down the road in my dad’s truck as a little kid. It was an instant hit with me as I was easily able to grasp the melody and hum along.

A few of the tracks, including the title track, have a bit of a country twang to them. It’s this mixture of genres that really gives Susto such a grasp on my taste in music. While a strong guitar commands most of the instrumental attention and sits well under lead singer Justin Osborne’s deep baritone, the mixing of all types of music is what really stands out for me.

A solitary Spanish track, “Esta Bien”, sits in the middle of the record as a sort of intermission for the second half of the album. Spanish influence can be found on almost every song on the back half of the record.

The name Susto is a reference to a Latin American folk illness that translates to the state of a panic attack or literally, “when your soul is separated from your body.” Which is an appropriate feeling with the laid back feel on the majority of the record. The lyric from the title track “Ever since I lost my mind, things haven’t quite been the same.” Emotion is sewn into each word. Ever Since I Lost My Mind will definitely cause me to come back for more Susto.

Best Songs: Homeboy, Last Century, Cocaine

Rating: ★★★★