By Zach Hester

For most of the time that I’ve been listening to music, I always wrote off Bring Me The Horizon as…quite scary. The videos of the mosh pits at their shows doing “the wall of death” was scary enough. For those who don’t know, “the wall of death” at a concert is described as a warlike experience where fans separate into two sides and run full speed at each other all at once. I love concerts so much…but the fun of that situation has always eluded me, but I digress.

Despite putting up a scary front, I sat and listened to “medicine” from the band’s new album, Amo, and really enjoyed the track. The album as a whole is definitely not what I was expecting.

Amo, the band’s sixth studio album, explores new genres that fans might not have come to expect from Bring Me The Horizon. There are far more electronic and pop influences here than the heavy rock I associate the band with.

Lead singer Oli Sykes has described Amo as a concept album about love and based on the lyrics of songs like “in the dark” and first track “i apologise if you feel something”, I agree. “Medicine” remains the band’s best chance to enter alternative radio, but “MANTRA”, a classic track that feels like the crux of the album, feels like a fresh revival of the band’s original sound.

The best song on the record is “nihilist blues”, a five-and-a-half minute collaboration with Grimes. Electronic production takes center stage in it as well as the aforementioned first track, “fresh bruises” and transitional track “ouch.” The electronic influence weighs heavy over Amo with each song that take on this style, but it feels genuine. As the record progresses and despite what some hardcore fans may believe, I think BMTH is making what they truly love. They poke fun at this mindset in “heavy metal.”

I guess in a few short words, my thoughts are that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. As someone who doesn’t get too deep into heavy rock, I thoroughly enjoyed Amo. There are some songs that don’t resonate with my personal taste, but overall it’s a great entry into this band’s more than decade long discography. Based on their old material, it feels like Bring Me The Horizon is evolving their sound to not only fit themselves, but the musical times we live in as well.

Best Songs: nihilist blues, medicine, heavy metal

Ranking: ★★★★