RANKED: Four Snubs from the 91st Academy Awards

By Zach Hester

No matter what you nominate for the big awards on Oscar night, someone is going to be unhappy that their favorite movie didn’t get nominated. I’m no exception to this. 

The Oscars are my own personal Christmas. I wait for the Academy Awards all year and look forward to the bright, early morning announcement of the nominations every January. This morning was that morning once again.

For the most part, I’m content with the nominations for the 91st Academy Awards. But of course…I have some personal snubs. This week’s RANKED is ranking those snubs. Sign off with your own personal snubs in the comments of this post! 

Honorable Mentions: Michael B. Jordan (Best Supporting Actor), Boy Erased (Best Picture), Bradley Cooper (Best Director), Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Best Documentary Feature), Suspiria (Best Score)

4. Timothee Chalamet — Best Supporting Actor 

Timothée Chalamet stars as Nic Sheff in BEAUTIFUL BOY

LONG LIVE TIMMY. I will forever watch any movie with Timothee Chalamet in it and Beautiful Boy was no exception. He was stellar in this film as a fully-fledged methamphetamine addict. I wish he had snuck in in Rockwell’s place. 

3. Aquaman — Best Visual Effects


Aquaman was made to win in this category so the lack of a nomination is pretty disheartening. The colors and action displayed in the film is absolutely next level. 

2. Eighth Grade — Original Screenplay 


Bo Burnham’s first effort as a filmmaker was so worthy of recognition at this year’s ceremony. It perfectly explores that awkward phase we all go through in middle school and portrays a very relatable lead. *whispers* Elsie Fisher should’ve been in for Best Actress too. 

1. Lucas Hedges — Best Actor 

lucas hedges

This is the snub that hit me the hardest. Boy Erased was such a defining and touching 2018 film, due in part to Hedges’ stellar performance as a gay teen forced to endure conversion therapy. Hedges’ first leading role is definitely deserving of a nomination and he was my personal choice to win, even though he was a long shot. However, Hedges is young, so here’s to hoping he’ll be back in the game soon. 

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