RANKED: Twenty One Pilots’ Best Live Songs

There are certain bands that demand to be seen live. Twenty One Pilots is one of those bands. They put together a live show that goes above and beyond to not only entertain fans, but also allow us to express ourselves as a collective fanbase. 

It’s this group celebration that really brings out the unity of the Skeleton Clique. Today we honor lead singer Tyler Joseph on his 30th birthday. I choose to recognize him by talking about my five favorite songs that he and Josh perform live. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band in person three times with a fourth on the way. Let’s get started. 

5. Pet Cheetah  

I knew once I saw the giant bridge that spans the general admission crowd that it could easily fit in with Pet Cheetah’s upbeat parts. It’s my favorite song from Trench. Pet Cheetah is definitely going to rank among my favorite songs of 2018 as well. (Video via Concert Fan on YouTube)

4. Taxi Cab

Taxi Cab was the song I was waiting to hear live. It’s my second favorite song by the band and it’s the only song to hail from the boys’ self-titled album, which happens to be my favorite record by them. I can’t describe this song as anything other than beautiful. (Video via carlzepecki on YouTube) 

3. Car Radio

Car Radio is a setlist essential. At the Bandito Tour in Atlanta, I was right in front of Tyler when he moved to the little platform at the back of the arena. This gut punch song that compels us to believe that sometimes the worst sound you can hear is silence itself. (Video via Twenty One Pilots on YouTube)

2. Holding On To You 

It’s basically every fan’s dream to hold Tyler up as he steps into the crowd during this song. HOTY is not just my favorite Twenty One Pilots song, but it’s also one of my favorite songs of all time. I hope I get the chance to be at the barricade for this one some day. (Video via Greatrossturner on YouTube) 

1. Trees 

Trees is the crux that this band is built on. It closes every show these days and paints a picture of someone who is lost. It’s a powerful song that demands to be felt with energetic drum beats that make for a perfect closer. (Video via Jonathan Bigott on YouTube) 

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