RANKED: My Favorite COIN Songs

It was only a matter of time before I wrote something about COIN, the indie pop band that has slowly, but surely won over my heart in the latter third of this year. I became captured by their sound after having the opportunity to see them at Paramore’s Art + Friends in Nashville. 

 I thought it might be best to include them in this week’s #RANKED, just so I get to talk about them as much as possible and maybe you’ll leave this post as obsessed with their sound as I am. 

Honorable Mentions: Atlas, Growing Pains, Talk Too Much, I Don’t Wanna Dance, Simple Romance

5. Cemetery


Cemetery has the potential to crack the top ten list for my favorite songs of this year. It’s a fresh sound with one of my favorite lines from the band so far.

“Cut from diamonds, but he came from dust / Built a kingdom out of salt and blood”

4. Honey 


Honey is just a sweet song about someone you really miss with a music video that features the fetus versions of the band we’ve come to love. The track is from the band’s debut EP 1992 and it’s still just as catchy as the first time I heard it. 

3. Malibu 1992


An occasional slow song for the band comes in Malibu 1992 from their 2017 album, How Will You Know If You Never Try. It’s beautiful and the lyrics cut deep as the sound glides along with a smooth chorus and plenty of the aforementioned brilliant falsetto. 

2. Holy Ghost


Holy Ghost is probably my favorite song, lyrically, that the Nashville native band has produced so far. It’s about how you can’t be a savior for everyone and has my favorite line in it. “You can’t say all hope is lost, when it was never found.” 

1. Run


Run is one of the most infectious songs of all time and it’s the easy choice to top this list. It gives every member of the band a chance to shine and has my favorite line right now with “something tells me that you’re never gonna stop until you get what you want” as the perfect built into a powerful chorus.

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