RANKED: The Best Songs from The Killers

For the past eighteen years, Nevada’s native band The Killers has dominated the world with five full-length albums, compilation records, sold out stadium and arena tours, and most importantly…the signature Brandon Flowers gold suit. 

The Killers have provided some of the most unique tracks in the rock world since their debut, Hot Fuss, in 2004, an album that I consider to be one of my personal favorite records of all time. With an 80s influenced aesthetic, an unbelievable sound, and the impeccable vocals of frontman Brandon Flowers, there isn’t much that The Killers can’t conquer.

This week’s RANKED is focused on my favorite five songs from one of my favorite bands ever. Let’s dive in.

Honorable Mentions: The Calling, When You Were Young, All These Things That I’ve Done, Prize Fighter, Bones, A Dustland Fairytale 

5. Bling (Confessions of a King)

Bling perfectly showcases the control and power that Brandon Flowers has with his voice. Through it’s many rifts and stylistic changes, this track from the B-sides record, Sawdust, gives us some of the best lyrical content in Killers’ history.

4. Read My Mind

Read My Mind is Flowers’ favorite Killers song and lives in the walls of the band’s second album, Sam’s Town. It puts you in a headspace that can allow to express both depression and excitement all in the same breath. It still has such a memorable chorus that I can pick up at a moment’s notice.

3. Spaceman

With lyrics that depict the story of a strange alien abduction and a synth-heavy beat, this anthem from the group’s third record Day & Age can only be described as peculiar. Spaceman represents such a great time for me because outside of the big hits from the first album, this was the first Killers song I heard. 

2. Smile Like You Mean It

The somber track from the band’s debut album Hot Fuss truly hits home with the lyrics describing a narrative of someone who must accept the choices they’ve made in life. As someone who lingers a lot on the choices of the past, Smile is a song I will always have on my daily playlist.

1. The Way It Was

The ultimate Killers track hails from Battle Born takes a lot of inspiration from the power anthems that topped the charts in the 1980s. It packs a big punch throughout and will have you on your feet every time they play it live.

What’s your favorite song from The Killers? Let me know! Stick around with this blog for more episodes of RANKED.