The Hiatus Is Øver

After a year long silence, Twenty One Pilots have returned with long-awaited new music. For the past few months, clues have trickled in and out of the consciousness of the fanbase (Skeleton Clique, as it’s affectionately called) about Dema, Clancy, and plenty of other cryptic concepts and characters that we had no idea about. Today we learned more.

The lead single from their latest record Trench is Jumpsuit. I immediately fell in love with this track from the moment I sensed that the genre-neutral band had created a gorgeous rock sound with a very strong bassline to begin. I won’t attest to know the inner workings of Tyler Joseph’s mind, but as I listened to this song on repeat I developed a theory.

It never occured to me that a jumpsuit is what a pilot wears. During the song, he says, “Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me” as if to say “fame and the expectations of the industry are a lot to handle, but he has the band itself to shield him from the negativity.” He’s almost asking this persona that everyone has perceived to protect his true self from the bad parts of the industry. It’s just my own interpretation and I definitely could be wrong, but a deeper meaning to surface level lyrics is a stable of Joseph’s exceptional songwriting. He might even be my favorite songwriter.

The band also released Nico and the Niners, which gives us a more in-depth look at the Dema/silence concept that the earlier clues gave us. Dema could mean “tower of silence” in reference to the industry (Nico and the Niners) trying to encourage this band to create more radio-friendly hits. This second song is more traditionally sounding for Twenty One Pilots, and gives me high hopes for another record that doesn’t stick to one specific genre.

I’ve been way too excited all day to talk to LITERALLY ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN about these new songs, this new album, and this band in general. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new music and I hope I’ll see you on The Bandito Tour this fall!