‘The Incredibles 2’ Review: It’s Still Incredible

I think it can be pretty convincingly argued that The Incredibles 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, at least for people my age. I was 11 when the original tale hit the big screen in 2004, but now at 25, I still feel like that same kid when I first watched the trailer for this super-sized sequel that is equally as entertaining.

Despite debuting fourteen years after the original movie, The Incredibles 2 picks up immediately after the events of the original. We still follow the Parr family (Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack) as they navigate a world where their superhero abilities are still illegal to use. When Helen, whose super-name is Elastigirl, becomes the first prospect of a huge corporation that wants to use her to rebrand heroes in the eyes of the public, Bob (Mr. Incredible) must stay home and become a full-time dad.

I genuinely think that this is one of best Pixar’s best efforts in recent memory. It is, of course, beautifully animated and visually stunning, but the best parts here are the fleshing out of the film’s two greatest characters: Helen and Jack-Jack.


Helen aka Elastigirl becomes the star of this sequel after she took a backseat to her husband’s journey in the original movie. We see her move beyond the role of a caring, but tough mother that the first movie established her as. Throughout the film, we see her grow into a genuine superwoman who’s capable of caring for her family and still kicking butt at the end of the day.


There’s an extended scene where Jack-Jack, the infant son of the Parr family, who still doesn’t exactly have control of his powers, faces off in a fight against a raccoon that’s trying to get into the family’s garbage can. It’s the standout scene for me and will have you rolling in the floor of the theatre as the baby rolls through his many powers all while his dad is sound asleep on the couch.

The Incredibles 2 Is a rare exception to the rule that all sequels are lesser than their original films. This one is capable of standing on its own while still building on the great work that the first movie did. While I found the plot here a little predictable, The Incredibles 2 is still a formidable film with a lot of fun to offer for the whole family!


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