‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Review: The Galaxy Got Meh

Just like with Deadpool 2 last week, I had low expectations for the latest outing in the ever-growing Star Wars franchise. Unlike Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t go above and beyond in exceeding those exceptions, instead they just sat over the surface.

Solo follows the titular character Han Solo, a smuggler turned hired gun as he navigates the galaxy in an attempt to rescue his love interest Qi’ra and become the greatest pilot in the history of the galaxy.


I want to start out by saying that there is a lot to like with Solo. It’s a good to great time in the more climactic moments and during the action scenes. The score and the variations of that signature Star Wars theme are both refreshing and inviting to new and old fans alike. I also loved the performance of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. He was a breath of fresh air like I could not believe.

Now onto the places that Solo needs work. While the action sequences work well when they come, the buildup to those big scenes is below the surface of the spectacular storytelling I’ve come to expect in Star Wars (especially in the originals). As we’re introduced to characters across the galaxy that we’ve known since the original films, it just seems like Disney is saying to us, “LOOK AT THIS COOL QUIPPY THING. DON’T YOU LOVE THE ORIGINAL MOVIES? DON’T YOU REMEMBER THIS FROM THOSE MOVIES?” over and over again. It’s the poor scriptwriting that brings these moments up again and again to remind you that yes, you are watching a Star Wars movie. The movie suffers from dragging moments so badly, but I did at least find myself enthralled in the different kinds of performances provided by Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and Woody Harrelson as Beckett.

Solo 2
While Solo does suffer from a thrown together script that focuses only on getting you to the big climax, it’s more or less an okay ride there. The climax and action sequences along with the gorgeous space scenes are more than enough to propel this film to stardom though. While this may be my least favorite Star Wars film yet (though I’d watch it again tbh), I still have faith that my favorite franchise can continue to produce great content in the future. 


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