‘Deadpool 2’ Review: As Meta As It Gets

Was anyone else in the ‘Wow Deadpool 2 has to suck because the first one was so good’ camp? Just me? I doubt it, but come to find out cinema has proven me wrong once again. The sequel to 2016’s breakout hit keeps up the quirky action comedy that the first film made itself out to be while adding some really cool characters, interesting dynamics, and the most meta fourth wall breaking moments I’ve ever witnessed.

As seen in the trailers, Deadpool 2 follows the Merc With A Mouth as he navigates his new life as a hired gun and eventually sees him form the beginnings of the X-Force. What the trailer doesn’t show is how much this movie is about family.


While the film does have its cynical comedy courtesy of the best thing Canada has ever produced (Ryan Reynolds), it has a lot of heart when it comes to the arc that Wade Wilson/Deadpool has over his sequel. We really see him grow as a character from a loudmouth self-absorbed murderous jerk to a loudmouth slightly less self-absorbed murderous jerk who, as it turns out, has a soft spot for the people he loves.

Reynolds is in rare form here as he makes his second mark on Marvel and 20th Century Fox. He goes after anyone and everyone and makes sure the audience hears him. His ability to break the fourth wall with witty commentary is simply hilarious and smart.


The movie does well with the support of the ensemble cast, but the standouts there have to be Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as (no, not Thanos) Cable. Both win over the audience in their own way and have nice arcs that will lend well to the inevitable X-Force film that we’ll be getting sooner rather than later.

DISCLAIMER: For the love of God, do NOT NOT NOT take your kids to see this movie and then complain about it on Facebook like you did with the first one, America. You can’t blame Deadpool for being a raunchy merc-with-a-mouth when you walk your seven-year-old into a R-rated movie.

While Deadpool 2 may not be a family friendly superhero flick, it is certainly one of the few times that I’ve seen a sequel hold up to the original movie. It’s witty and strong with Ryan Reynolds doing some of the best work of his career (especially in the after credits scenes, though I won’t spoil anything). I do like to see movies twice, but Deadpool may have me going back for a third time.

(Caution: This is a Red Band trailer with language)

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