‘The Hype Is Dead’ Review: Vesperteen Is Alive and Well

The hype may be dead in the latest release from Vesperteen, but the incredible sound that Colin Rigsby has created is alive and well.

After seeing a handful of the songs from this EP ‘The Hype Is Dead’ this March in Atlanta, I quickly came to realize the true talent and passion behind the words and sounds of this record.


This synth-centric release gives Rigsby even more of a chance to show off the powerhouse vocals that have become a staple of Vesperteen’s ever-growing discography.

Songs like Fifteen Minutes and Blue sound very different but cast themselves as the deepest songs lyrically on the album. The former focuses on the aspect of everyone leaving a fanbase after an artist’s spotlight fades with great electronic beats. The latter showcases Rigsby’s sultry vocals set against a song that sounds like it should be played during a romantic, rainy moment in a movie.

Medicine has to be my favorite of this whole release. I just jive with the hopeful healing lyrics of someone trying to help a loved one get over their issues. The chorus will instantly be stuck in your head.

Speed of Light features a familiar drummer to anyone who loves Twenty One Pilots as much as I do. It feels very dance-y, as does the EP’s lead single It Will Never Be Enough. Both of these are vocally strong, especially in the chorus of SOL as he reaches for a grizzly sounding ‘at’. I love that.


Feel and Memory showcase the bass lines of Vesperteen’s sound and blend together a bit for me. That’s not a bad thing, because I still love both. Feel feels like a redemption story by the end and you can really feel the power of Rigsby’s words by the end.

Overall The Hype Is Dead is a solid follow-up for an artist/band that gets better with every release. It’s more than worthy of the thousands of streams it will get through Spotify or wherever you listen to music.
Favorites: Feel, Medicine, Fifteen Minutes

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