‘Flowerss’ Review: HalfNoise returns with groovy new EP

From the moment that I first watched Paramore drummer Zac Farro take the microphone last October at the band’s show in Atlanta, I knew that HalfNoise had me hooked. They played Scooby’s In The Back, a song I didn’t know at the time, but the crowd (myself included) erupted into a psychedelic frenzy in tandem with everyone on stage. HalfNoise may just be Farro’s side project to some, but with the release of the Flowerss EP today, I can guarantee that this band far exceeds the title of side gig.

Halfnoise INSET 1
(Flowerss | HalfNoise)

There is something for everybody with this release. The songs all follow a smooth, alluring sound with great falsetto vocals, but each one gives something different lyrically and tonally. I’m not sure if it’s entirely intended that I get a beachy vibe from Flowerss, but I certainly do.

The title track, Flowerss, delivers a floated rhythm that makes it the easiest to snap your fingers to. The guitar takes the full lead with Farro’s vocals dancing around the unique beats. Both All That Love Is and She Said have a familiar and similar essence that gives the band the opportunity to push beyond what they did with their last release which was definitely more like the title track. I can definitely tell that last year’s Paramore album, After Laughter, has a part to play in the lyrical content of both these tunes. It doesn’t hurt that She Said has a pretty great music video too.

A beautiful Interluau provides a perfect transition into the drum-heavy Every Single Time. It’s great upbeat rhythm with a memorable guitar riff weaves neatly through the romantic vocals.

My Girl and Always Young close this extended play. My Girl (no, not the Van Morrison song, but my favorite song of this whole EP), pictures a dreamy relationship set against the sandy beachfront that makes me feel like I’ve just been dropped into the lot of a fresh-faced filmmaker’s indie drama. Always Young keeps up the tempo but provides more laid back vocals than we are used to. It’s a great note to end on that brings full circle from track one.

HalfNoise is led by Zac Farro, drummer of the Grammy-award winning band, Paramore. (HalfNoise)

HalfNoise has slowly, but surely climbed their way into my favorite artists. This release only cements that place among the ranks of my daily mix. This band has created a beautiful, aesthetically amazing extended play yet again. I will have to hear one hundred more times just so I can reaffirm how much I loved it on that first listen.

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