This Month in Music: March ’18

From the start of the month, I knew that March 2018 was going to be a great time for music. Maybe it was the full-fledged rush of excitement knowing that I had a good concert to look forward to. I’ve been trying to branch out with my music tastes, but I cannot help but fall in love with good, fresh sounds from some of my favorite people.

BrendonThe mystery of #WorshipWednesday was finally answered with a new songs, an album announcement, AND tour dates from Panic! At the Disco. It was a big month for the band I’ve been listening to for over a decade and all this news came in the middle of the day when I couldn’t just jump into listening, but the wait was well worth it for (Say Amen) Saturday Night. It’s one of the coolest songs they’ve ever done, in my opinion. You can see the roots of Death of a Bachelor with a big horn section in the chorus and a signature Brendon Urie high note at the end of the song. It’s well worth a listen!

Love SimonWe move on from panic to love with the soundtrack to my favorite movie of the year (so far, out of the four I’ve seen LOL), Love, Simon. It’s a well curated collection courtesy of Jack Antonoff of Bleachers. He contributes a few songs himself like Alfie’s Song and the best song on the soundtrack, Keeping A Secret. This is a great movie with a good message and an amazing soundtrack. If you missed my review that was mostly a big gush, you can read that here!

Finally, the best song of the month came on day two and was further cemented as my favorite of the year so far by seeing it performed live last weekend. Vinyl Theatre returned for their first single of 2018 with Feel It All, a powerful rock anthem that will NEVER leave my gym playlist because of how much of a pump up it is. It’s got a strong beat with killer vocals that will leave you fired up for what this great band has in store for 2018. I finally got the chance to see and meet them this month! This one was definitely a highlight of the show. Check out this song ASAP and keep up with the rest of their stellar songs!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that March has been one of my favorite months of the year so far, especially in my own little world of music. New bops arose from two of my favorite bands and my favorite movie of the year so far had a killer soundtrack. I can’t wait to see what it’s store for April.

Recommended Listening:

  • Feel It All by Vinyl Theatre
  • (Say Amen) Saturday Night by Panic! at the Disco
  • Keeping a Secret by Bleachers
  • I Don’t Love You Anymore by The Honeysticks
  • Visions of Gideon by Sufjan Stevens (yes, I still sob to this)

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