This Month in Music: February ’18

Despite a mostly quiet month in the music world, there are more than a few songs and albums that I’m obsessed with right now. I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet.

An album that I have to talk about actually didn’t even come out in February, but I can almost guarantee that I listened to it every single day. It’s the soundtrack to my favorite movie of 2017, Call Me By Your Name. It’s a well-curated album that director Luca Guadagnino carefully created for this drama helmed by Oscar-nominee Timothee Chalamet and (shouldhavebeennominatedyesI’mmadaboutit) Armie Hammer. It really got me into new wave music from the early 80s and Sufjan Stevens. This soundtrack has definitely influenced my taste in music in the long run. If you want to read a full review of this movie, you can read mine here!

Best Songs: Mystery of Love and Visions of Gideon by Sufjan Stevens, Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs, Germination by Ryuichi Sakamoto

In addition to the soundtrack, I’ve been obsessed with two songs this month.

From new wave to whatever you want to call new wave in our modern times, HalfNoise debuted a new song this month called Flowerss. It’s a very interesting sound that keeps with the ethereal theme that the band helmed by Paramore’s Zac Farro has created. It’s an upbeat sound with down lyrics that make me wonder whether or not I should dance to this or just cry.

The second song is Crybaby, an electronic influenced track from Waterparks’ January album Entertainment. The distorted voice of lead singer Awsten Knight mixed with dark sounds make for a very interesting track that has become a staple of my listening at the gym. It has a great build up with the continuous lyrics, “I don’t wanna be your crybaby now.”

Well there you have it. Just a short post about what I’ve been loving in music this month. What are you listening to? Let me know so we can start sharing one of the most important things in this life: music!