FIRST LOOK: ‘Venom’ debuts the perfect teaser

The first teaser for one of my most anticipated films of 2018 debuted this morning. Venom looks to be setting itself up to be a strong action movie with a dark take on the superhero genre.

We get to see very little in the trailer (we barely even see the symbiote itself), but we get a glimpse of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the man behind the mask of one of the Marvel universe’s most known villains: Venom. Venom is purely carnal with a huge build, amazing powers, and that unforgettable face.

Based on this teaser alone, we can tell that the film will boast an AMAZING cast. It stars Hardy obviously, but then goes along to add heavyweights like Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and one of my favorite breakouts of recent years, Riz Ahmed. A cast like this gives me hope for Sony to produce a worthy film, but if The Cloverfield Paradox lets you know anything, it’s that a great cast doesn’t always equal great content. I just hope this is different.

The cinematography in this clip looks incredible. The look is stylized as a perfect concoction of darkness and light and we only see a glimpse of the creature that will one day become Spider-Man’s greatest foe. This is the perfect example of a teaser. It got me excited, interested, and ready to see more. If you want to watch for yourself, check it out below!

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