This Month in Music: January ’18

Last month, I made my first post sharing a few songs that I really enjoyed. It was fun, but I didn’t get to share everything that I wanted to in January 2018’s music. So from now on, I want to recap each month in music. What I listened to, what albums were released, et cetera. I hope you all enjoy!

I came across a pair of very different, but interesting albums over the month: Blue Madonna by BORNS and Waterparks’ Entertainment. They couldn’t be more different, but both will be big contenders when I start making my annual Best of the Year list in December.

Blue Madonna

BØRNS, real name Garrett Borns, shines in his second studio album, Blue Madonna. He created a compelling, ethereal sound that focuses on unique beats and a very well crafted collaboration with Lana Del Rey on two tracks.

Standouts: God Save Our Young Blood, Sweet Dreams, Blue Madonna

Image result for waterparks blonde

Waterparks returns with Entertainment, a record that revives memories of eighth grade angst and refuels it with ten powerful pop punk anthems. The lead single, Blonde, has been stuck in my head since November and now that we have the full piece of work, it fits nicely alongside other heavy tracks and a few ballads. It’s refreshing to see such a talented band of guys bringing new things to their discography. I hope I get to see them live this year.

Standouts: Blonde, Rare, Peach (Lobotomy)

As far as songs go, I came across three that I fell in love with in January. One of my favorite bands, Bleachers, released a new track for the film, Love, Simon. Alfie’s Song is fun and upbeat and invites you to reminisce about young love. The other two songs are Sister Golden Hair by America and Let’s Get Started by Dylan Gardner. Sister Golden Hair came from me watching Miss Stevens, an indie film about a teacher taking a talented group of kids to a drama competition (one of the kids is portrayed by the amazing and rising star Timothee Chalamet so I couldn’t resist). Gardner’s song is more of a traditional radio song but it is sure fun to sing along to.

This first Month In Music was fun! I can’t wait to see what the music world has in store for 2018, and I hope you’ll stick around to see what I’m listening to and share what you’re listening to as well.

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