Best of the Bunch – 2017’s Best Films

2017 has been one of the best years in film in a long time (for me at least). We got excellent sci-fi, a reinvigoration of the horror genre, great action flicks, and some of the best drama films I have ever laid eyes on. It was a real task narrowing down my top 10, so I made the list go to 15… with honorable mentions. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Baby Driver
  • Logan
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Song to Song


15. The Post

The Post

The Post is timely and just in its portrayal of how a newsroom and mass media should behave. It also shows the power that the news can have when it seeks integrity and truth above all else. It couldn’t have been made at a more appropriate time with the free press under attack and facts at an all time low.

14. The LEGO Batman Movie

LEGO Batman

This one was simply hilarious. The music and voice acting was superb, especially from Batman (Will Arnett), Joker (Zach Galifianakis), and Robin (Michael Cera). It’s not as strong as The Lego Movie, but I’ll rewatch this one at any time of the day.

13. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

DC hasn’t given me much reason to be excited for their movies, but Wonder Woman is simply phenomenal. It’s easily my favorite superhero movie of the year. It has great performances and the background setting of World War I made for a film that had me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to seeing where they carry Diana Prince’s story from here.


12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi

The moment that I have waited two years for finally arrived in 2017. The Last Jedi is the most polarizing entry in the Star Wars franchise, but I love the direction it took. It’s a much darker tale with great acting from a strong cast that includes heavyweights like Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, and Laura Dern.

11. Darkest Hour


Darkest Hour follows the early days of Winston Churchill’s premiership. Gary Oldman is brilliant in the lead role and stands out among a very strong supporting cast. It’s an incredible story of war, salvation, and the will of humanity to fight for what we believe in.

10. Get Out

Get Out

I went into Get Out with no expectations, but walked out knowing that I had just experienced an awesome piece of horror. It’s a powerful film that says a lot about race and how we act towards people that aren’t exactly like us.


9. The Big Sick

The Big Sick

I fell in love with Kumail Nanjiani’s comedy on Silicon Valley, but watching his life story about coming up as a stand up comic in Chicago to finding the woman of his dreams just makes me root for him even more. The script is fantastic and the jokes land really well. I can’t wait to see what Kumail does next.

8. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards

Three Billboards is a dark homage to the essence of the American South combined with the story of a scorned mother trying to get justice for her murdered daughter. It’s so intense that my heart was racing through the majority of it, but the important aspects of it have stuck with me ever since I saw it.

7. It


Stephen King’s It brought horror fused with comedy in a way that is both fresh and exciting. It’s the film I genuinely enjoyed the most this year. At its core, this film is about fear. It brought spookiness one moment and would have you laughing the next. It’s a great time, but don’t forget: we all float down here.

6. The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist chronicles the creative process that resulted in The Room, a film that is arguably one of the worst movies of all time. The Franco brothers lead a great cast in a film that will have you laughing from the moment the first scene opens up.

5. Dunkirk


I can’t leave a big war movie off of my year end list. Especially when it’s done this well. The background of a World War II evacuation set against a script that contained less than thirty pages of dialogue made for a film that captured me completely. It has great practical effects and excellent cinematography fused with realistic sound.


4. Blade Runner 2049


What do you get when you combine flawless visuals, brilliant usage of sound and score, and a core message about what it means to be human? You get Blade Runner 2049. It is the most beautiful film I have ever seen and watching my favorite actor lead through this sci-fi epic for all of its 2 hours and 43 minutes makes for a near perfect movie.

3. Lady Bird

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a bright, quirky coming-of-age story that presents itself as a comedy with a side of teen drama. It’s Greta Gerwig’s great debut and it makes me wonder how she moves up from here. It’s a relatable story that reminds you of the message, “you can’t choose where you’re from, but you can choose where you go.”

2. The Shape of Water


A tagline in this film’s trailer says, “If I told you about her, the princess without voice, what would I say?” I would say she along with this movie as a whole, is brilliant. The score melds with the story in such a beautiful way that makes for a movie with nothing but love at its core. It’s a classic Hollywood movie set inside a monster flick with a flair of romance. It shouldn’t work, but it really, really does.

1. Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

There is no contest in choosing my favorite movie of 2017. Call Me By Your Name is one of the best films I have ever seen in my life with a screenplay, soundtrack, and visuals that can match the level of power that some of the best films of all time have. It’s a character driven story about self discovery, first love, heartbreak, and how to grow up. I can’t even begin to explain how good this movie is. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Well there it is, my favorite movies of 2017. It’s been such a fun journey to see all of these films and I cannot wait to see what Hollywood has in store for this year. I hate that it took me this long to see everything I wanted to see, but I’m glad that I came across all these spectacular pieces of art. Going to the movies is my favorite pastime and its a dream that talking about movies or working around them could pay my bills one day. Thank you to everyone for sticking around for all of these reviews. I hope you keep reading in 2018.