Best of the Bunch, Pt. I – 2017’s Top 20 Songs

I’ve been contemplating what songs would make this list for a while. 2017 has been an incredible year for music that saw many new artists rise to the occasion while several of my longtime favorites returned to fold to tear up the charts once again.

In this first entry to Best of the Bunch, I’ll be briefly touching on my top twenty songs of this whole year. I hope you stick around to see what broke into the top spots, I threw around the number one spot for a while before landing on the one song that helped define this year for me and represented my tastes well. Enjoy!

20. One of Us – New Politics

I didn’t know much about New Politics before this year, but based on how many listens this song has on my Spotify, I’ll be looking more into them!

19. Insane – Vesperteen

I saw these guys open for Twenty One Pilots in Columbus this June and I’ve been hooked on this song ever since.



18. Sober Up – AJR ft. Rivers Cuomo 

This is just a fun song from AJR, a band of three brothers who hail from New York City.

17. Machine – MisterWives

I got the opportunity to see MisterWives two times this year as openers and I hope I get to see this fun band again in 2018!


16. Scooby’s In the Back – HalfNoise

Paramore’s Zac Farro has a side project called HalfNoise that you might not know about unless you’re a fan who goes to their shows and hears this bop as part of the band’s encore!

15. New Rules – Dua Lipa

You won’t find a catchier radio song from this year. Dua Lipa knows these new rules and now so does the whole time.




14. My Omen – Electric Guest

A recent discovery of mine is Electric Guest. I’m glad I stumbled across their stuff on a friend’s social media or I would have missed out on this great song from their second album ‘Plural’.


13. Feel Good – Neon Trees

Neon Trees is back. It’s been three years since one of my favorite pop albums ever, ‘Pop Psychology’ so new music from them is definitely a breath of fresh air.

12. Want You Back – HAIM

This band of three sisters came back after four years with this debut single from their second album ‘Something to Tell You’.

11.  Half – PVRIS

One of the strongest vocalists in rock today is PVRIS’s Lynn Gunn. Half shows off the band’s growth as songwriters and Gunn’s rise as a powerhouse.

10. Anxiety – Blackbear ft. FRND 

A truly strong song from someone who genuinely experiences anxiety. Bear is one of the best artists of this year and Anxiety lets him show why.

9. Location – Khalid

One of the catchiest songs from the start of 2017 (the album debuted in 2017, the song itself was released in 2016) that will never get old.

8. If We Were Vampires – Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

A beautiful tribute about the necessary mortality of relationships and how that mortality makes us cherish those that we love even more for the time we have them.

7. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Miley returned this year with one of the best comeback songs in a long time that just makes you feel free spirited and joyful just like her.



6. Homemade Dynamite – Lorde

Lorde returned with ‘Melodrama’ and the standout song on it for me was easily this one.


5. The Man – The Killers

A modern disco hit hiding under the guise of rock and roll. The Killers absolutely nailed it with this debut single from their fifth album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’.

4. Love Galore – SZA ft. Travis Scott

SZA burst onto the scene as one of the most influential artists in hip hop this year and I have not stopped listening to this song since I discovered it.

3. Foreign Girls – Bleachers

Bleachers, led by superstar producer Jack Antonoff, rose up to become one of my favorite bands this year with their second album ‘Gone Now’.

2. Me, Myself, And I – Vinyl Theatre

The breakout band for me this year was Vinyl Theatre. I love these guys and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year! (pls tour)

1. Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore

Because what else could possibly have defined 2017 for me more than Paramore! I’ve switched from song to song on After Laughter, but lately settled on RCB as my favorite. It’s so fun with great lyrics, music, and an even more unique message.

Well that’s it for part 1/3 of Best of the Bunch! Next week’s Friday post will be all about my top ten albums of 2017, and once I finish seeing all of the movies from this year on my list, part 3 will be the top ten films of 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog this year as much as I enjoyed writing the pieces for it. I can’t wait for what 2018 holds for music and movies!