Panic! At The Disco closes 2017 with an amazing live album

Panic! At The Disco has done it again. With their release of All My Friends, We’re Glorious: Death of a Bachelor Tour Live, they’ve once again cemented themselves as one of my favorite bands ever and with a frontman like Brendon Urie, you won’t be disappointed if you have the chance to go see them.

The live album covers the songs performed in all of the Death of a Bachelor Tour stops. I had the opportunity to see this show in April and I have to say, it was one of the most fun shows I have ever been to. Everyone on stage is giving it their all and they all execute perfectly. I’ve been to plenty of concerts, but this one was the first moment where I felt free to let loose a little and dance. There are twenty one songs total on the album, but let’s just discuss a few of my favorites from the show.

Girls/Girls/Boys is simply an excellent example of the fanbase coming together as one. In a community where arguments can get heated over which album is best or which song is better, it’s nice for everyone to take a solitary song to unite behind a single cause.

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time is the tour’s opener and is the perfect song to start the show. It gives Urie the opportunity to show the audience what they’re here to see: a greatly executed show with stellar vocals, lights, and an atmosphere that can only be described as electric.

This Is Gospel (Piano Version) takes us to the B-stage with one of the most gorgeous songs in the band’s discography. I struggle not to share the music video on Facebook every single day. It is that good. It’s broken down to its most basic elements here with just vocals and piano.

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out Medley is the biggest throwback for fans that have been loyal to Panic! since the beginning. The band’s first album is arguably one of their best and this little medley is a nice reminder of what those early shows were like. I never got the chance to see them back then so I’m supremely grateful to them for bringing these tracks back.

Panic! At The Disco puts on one of the most visually spectacular shows ever. From beautiful digital graphics to a unique stage set itself, the band has not given up its theatrical roots. Brendon Urie’s raw live vocals are exceptional (as usual) on this. His brand of pop punk turned jazz infused rock music has set him as one of the most versatile vocalists in modern music. I cannot wait for the chance to them again, and again, and again. Check out the entire album below:

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