Vinyl Theatre stands alone with ‘Me, Myself, and I’

Since late September, Vinyl Theatre has brought down the house every night as they open for MisterWives’ Connect the Dots tour (which I had tickets for and unfortunately could not attend). For the first time since the release of their second album, Origami, the band has released a new single entitled Me, Myself, and I.

This Heathens-sounding bop has become a staple of the band’s setlist every night and it appears to get the crowd going. Today we’re going to talk about it, because I cannot resist a chance to talk about anything great that this band does.

For me, this is a song about feeling like you’re on your own. So alone that it seems nature itself is working against you, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. The chorus is simple but impactful with the lyrics, “In the fading lights, it’s me, myself, and I”. The narrator of this piece feels utterly abandoned, but in the second verse, breaks into his own imagination where he sees himself on top.

The bridge comes around to show a person who isn’t afraid of being alone after all and just wants his piece of freedom, at least that’s how I interpret it. The song ends with a fadeout of dark sounds under the chorus and a glass shattering, and there you have it.

Vinyl Theatre cements themselves as a band who can tackle a variety of different sounds with this one. They broke out of their chains with Origami and pushed beyond the line with this new single to make a new, mature sound.


Vinyl Theatre is a three-piece band comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Keegan Calmes, drummer Nick Cesarz, and keyboardist/backup vocalist, Chris Senner. You can stream Me, Myself, and I along with the rest of Vinyl Theatre’s discography on Spotify and Apple Music.