Two years ago this week, I started a blog. I started it as a place to express some of my ideas about things that I felt that I was passionate about, which most notably at that time was politics. I talked about who I liked and who I despised, candidates for president and vice president, and policies that I believed in.

As I reach the 24th year of my life, I know now that this was a false narrative. I have come to terms with the fact that the person who wanted to work with candidates running for office, help make policy decisions, and live in Washington D.C. wasn’t me. I would tell people that my dream was to become our nation’s top diplomat, the United States Secretary of State. I look back now and laugh at that, mostly because of the high bar I had set for myself, but because I knew deep down, even then, that I didn’t want that. Don’t get me wrong, I still have an opinion on just about every issue you could think of, but I found that I didn’t want to sit in high level meetings for hours on end or work in world affairs more complicated that the majority of us could truly comprehend. There’s still an aspect of that goal that I would love to achieve: that goal allows someone to make truly important changes in the lives of the people around me and my fellow citizens of this planet, and I believe that my career path from here forward can certainly allow me to make changes in a way that I couldn’t do in the compact sphere of public office.

For the past year, I have continually prayed for purpose. Whenever I laid down at night and turned out the lights, there was always this tiny fraction of a second before I closed my eyes when the same sentence was thrown in my head: every story starts with a song. The song can be heard as soft as a whisper or as loud as an echo in a crystal cavern. For me, the moment where I knew that my path forward was in the mine field that is the music industry was at a concert, just a few months ago.

I had been gearing up for this show since last summer, and when the time came, I wasn’t near as excited as I should have been. I wasn’t burned out on the band’s music, or music in general, it felt like I was more burned out on myself. As I got seated at that concert (in the back of the lower level AKA very far away), I caught myself tapping my foot to the openers more often than I had been in the entire past year. When the main act came out, I instantly knew that this concert was different. The crowds were louder, the lights were brighter, and the melody was more clear than it had ever been. In one of the band’s songs, there’s a lyric that resonates with me still:

“Remember the moment, you know exactly where you’re going”, the song says. I’m posting that song below in the hopes that even if your tastes don’t gel with the power of the music, you at least can close your eyes and listen to words.

Every story starts with a song… for me that song is Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots, a band which I had been a casual fan of for over a year before this show, but now have become a staple in my daily playlist. But this post isn’t about them (though I will be sure to bring you plenty of photos of their concert I’m attending in a few weeks), it’s about this new adventure I’m starting thanks to the lyrics they wrote.

Today I’m proud to introduce you to my new passion project which fuses the two things I love the most: writing and music. I give you The End of Side A, a blog that will allow me to write and ponder on some of the songs, albums, and live shows that I get to hear and go to on a regular basis. I hope to share songs with you that change your world the way that music has changed mine. It might get too deep or too weird, and if some of the content isn’t your style, I invite you to wait a week, check back on the next Friday, and find a post that you do like. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing it. I’m excited about what my 24th chapter holds, so I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s on the next page.

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